As an Austin native, I have always admired the Congress Avenue Bridge. If you’ve never been, the bridge is beautiful and the place to be if you’re a runner, kayaker, picnicker, or spectator of bats—yes, bats.

Across the country, however, bridges, roads and other infrastructure are in dire need of repair. And as state and local governments look to public-private partnerships (or P3s) for funding to address this major issue, it is important that we structure these financial arrangements in a way that keeps the interests of the public at heart.

So In the Public Interest is pleased to offer “Infrastructure Justice: Building Equity into Infrastructure Financing,” a new resource guide to make sure that P3s include three Ws—a win for taxpayers, a win for good paying jobs and a win for investors.

This win-win-win approach to rebuilding America’s infrastructure is important to our national safety, security and pride. Like the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin it can connect us in ways that at first glance we might not even see.

Please read and help share “Infrastructure Justice: Building Equity into Infrastructure Financing.” Like the Congress Avenue Bridge, it will help lawmakers and taxpayers alike get where they want to go. Minus the bats. 

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