All around us, often seemingly invisible, are the myriad of things that make us one nation – the things we do together, the public projects that make us, well, an “us.” Educating every child, ensuring we have a functioning system of roads, bridges and transit to get to work and home, keeping us safe from harm and disaster; our nation depends on the millions of public service workers who go to work each day to serve us all.

Despite all of the conservative attacks on “government” and public employees, we couldn’t do any of these things without the men and women who work for us to make our nation stronger. That’s why we are proud to observe Public Service Recognition Week and celebrate everyone working in government across the country on our behalf. You can learn more about the incredible work public servants are doing, and tough conditions they face, by visiting this profile of public service in America from our friends at the Center for Effective Government.

It’s also not too late to #ThankATeacher in honor of National Teacher Week! Public school teachers are entrusted with our most precious resource: America’s children. Despite grueling hours, limited funding, and numerous attacks from corporations looking to cash in on our kids and the front groups they fund, teachers continue to help mold future generations and they deserve our appreciation. The National Education Association has many resources you can use to #ThankATeacher and maybe even win a $100 gift card for the teacher who most impacted your life.

Please join us in recognizing the millions of public employees that make our nation stronger by tweeting your thanks using #PSRW and #ThankATeacher. They work for us, now it’s our turn to show them the gratitude they deserve. After all, they help us make a nation.

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