By now you’ve probably already heard the numbers. Conservatives control an overwhelming 68 of the 98 state legislative chambers in the US. In 23 states, conservative governors lead the executive branch and conservatives have the majority in both chambers of the legislature. 

We also know that the American Legislative Exchange Council is pushing bills to expand school privatization while cities across the country are worried about failing infrastructure, how to afford overdue repairs, and wondering if a public-private partnership is the answer to strapped budgets and deteriorating public assets. 

So if you’re like most Americans, you’re currently facing the threat of privatization in your community. However, unlike most Americans, you have access to the resources and tools we’ve developed that can help strengthen your campaigns to keep public services and assets under public control because you’re a supporter of In the Public Interest. 

Here are just a few resources that can help your efforts to keep public services public:

While government outsourcing is not a partisan issue, time and time again we have seen self-identified “limited government, free market conservatives” rush to put private businesses in charge of critical public services and assets.

If you don’t see what you need, check out our full resource guide. To make a suggestion about other resources, please let us know what kind of tools would be helpful.

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