With Labor Day around the corner, we’re taking a moment to say “thank you” to the workers who keep American government running.

A few come to mind: teachers, bus drivers, 911 dispatchers, sanitation workers, social workers, public health nurses, school cafeteria workers, postal clerks and letter carriers, firefighters, probation officers, park maintenance workers, national park rangers, civil and environmental engineers, librarians, highway workers, school crossing guards, childcare workers, and home health aides.

If we missed any, let us know. And please pass this note along to the public sector workers you’re close with—they should know we’ve got their backs.

Day in and day out, these workers make tireless contributions to the strength, prosperity, and well being of our nation. From small towns to big cities, they’re the glue that holds our schools, public transit, infrastructure, and communities together.

Let’s all make an effort to thank them for their work.

And on behalf of millions of public sector workers around the country, thank you for supporting In the Public Interest.


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