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This map shows where the right wing is pushing private school vouchers. Public Funds Public Schools is tracking where state legislatures are pursuing policies to start or expand privatization through private school vouchers. Public Funds Public Schools

Florida’s voucher program is on steroids. Journalist and host of the Have You Heard podcast Jennifer Berkshire points to a League of Women Voters Florida Education Task Force report showing that Step Up for Students, the organization that administers Florida’s voucher program, has ballooned to become the 21st largest charity in the U.S., with assets of $618 million. Twitter

The racist beginnings of standardized testing. “From grade school to college,” writes the National Education Association, “students of color have suffered from the effects of biased testing.” National Education Assocation

What happened to Biden’s promise to end standardized testing? Journalist Jeff Bryant teases out the similarities between this moment and the Obama-era No Child Left Behind. “Because of these flawed arguments behind the demand for testing, public school advocates are suspicious that federal officials are simply doing the bidding of private foundations and political groups that tend to influence education policy.“ Ed Politics

ICYMI. Corporate tax breaks led to at least $2.37 billion in lost revenue intended for U.S. public school districts in 2019, according to a new report from Good Jobs First. Bloomberg CityLab

Finally, some good news…

Two educators document the resurgence of teachers unions. “In no small way, both the CTU and UTLA 2019 strikes were connected to a rising movement of teachers who have permanently altered the political and labor landscape across the country. A clear focus on wealth redistribution to address racial and economic disparities in the city and the schools has been absolutely indispensable in creating a vision, organizing raps, public support, and membership commitment to policies that are capable of creating transformational change.” The Forge


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