Over the years, ITPI has done plenty of research on private prisons and the lengths to which the private prison industry will go to maximize corporate profits still astounds me.

Here is the truth: Although they claim to save tax dollars, research shows that this is hardly the case.

ITPI recently released a new backgrounder brief focused on the costs of private prisons, the dangerously flawed tactics used to make private prisons appear cost effective, and methods employed by the private prison industry to ensure profits at taxpayer expense.  

Recent research and state experiences used in the backgrounder show that private prisons do not save taxpayers money as promised. This is not surprising given the need to generate profits.

I think you will find that we’ve packed a lot into a small package with this backgrounder, and we hope it will be used as a reference tool often for those working on this important issue. Once you’re done reading it, please be sure to share it with others.

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