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New Hampshire governor gives millions in public school funds to corporation. The state of New Hampshire received about $156 million in federal funds from the December pandemic relief bill. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu unilaterally decided to send $6 million of that to Prenda, a for-profit company that operates homeschooling pods—which results in more public funding per pupil than the state gives public schools. The American Independent

Tennessee spends big on charter schools. Reporter Mary Ellen Cagnassola for Newsweek: “While Congress sent states billions of dollars meant to help them create safe schools during the pandemic, [Tennessee Gov. Bill] Lee instead contributed millions to charter schools that operate under the radar of public oversight. More than $4 million went to create new charters slated to open next year, though it could take longer.” Newsweek

How we’re fighting back

The fight for school equity. Journey for Justice’s Jitu Brown and Beth Glenn: “Our network of grassroots organizations [is] demanding 25,000 community schools by 2025 in the neighborhoods most impacted by COVID-19, racism, disinvestment, and poverty.” The Progressive

“Public schools [are] a public good, not a commodity.” The Progressive magazine asks the question: How can public schools emerge from the pandemic better than before? Education historian Diane Ravitch, professor Michele Foster, and executive director of the Network of Public Education Carol Burris answer. The Progressive

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