When it comes to public services, it’s hard to think of anything more democratic than the post office. Enshrined in Article 1 of the Constitution and operating for 240 years, the public postal service guarantees universal service for every American no matter where you live. The USPS hires more military veterans than any other employer and has been a consistent source of living-wage jobs for women and minorities. It is a critical public institution that is self-sufficient and requires no taxpayer funds to operate.
Sadly, the public postal service in the US is under threat. After years of decisions to decrease service hours, close community based post offices, and other ‘reforms’ that have diminished the USPS’s ability to budget like any other public agency, private interests are trying harder than ever to push postal service into the for-profit realm. It is in the face of these threats that a coalition formed to push decision-makers to stand up for our commitment to a postal service that serves every corner of the country and meets the changing needs of our communications landscape.  The USPS is a valued public good and must not be sacrificed for the sake of private investment and profit.
You can show your support for the public postal service by going to agrandalliance.org and signing the pledge. You’ll be standing with Danny Glover, a broad coalition of organizations like In the Public Interest, and the over 600,000 United States Postal Service public employees who work tirelessly to ensure your letters and packages reach your door wherever you live.
In The Public Interest is proud to be a part of the Grand Alliance to Save our Public Postal Service and I ask you to stand alongside us.

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