From boiling the soon-to-be-mashed potatoes to rinsing the fruits and vegetables, clean water is an essential ingredient in every household that will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

And yet, the absence of adequate federal support means our public waters systems are under threat. Over the next 20 years, U.S. water systems will likely require a staggering $2.8 to $4.8 trillion investment, and for-profit corporations like Veolia and Suez are jumping at the opportunity to privatize America’s water supply so they can pocket a portion of those trillions we’ll need to spend. 

A new report released by Corporate Accountability International with Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), shows that promises made by private water corporations fail to materialize or come at the expense of deferred infrastructure maintenance, skyrocketing water rates, and risks to public health. 

The good news, however, is that cities across the country and all over the world are increasingly rejecting water privatization and taking back public control of their water systems. 

So as we sit down with our families this Thanksgiving, let us all be grateful for the publicly controlled water systems that help us prepare the food for this special holiday. Let’s also be vigilant against the spin created by private water companies that is meant to confuse and obscure who really benefits when companies buy off our water treatment systems.  

To download the full report, “Troubled Waters: Misleading industry PR and the case for public water,” visit here.

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