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Everyone knows about the parking meter debacle in Chicago, which outsourced 36,000 city parking meters to a Morgan Stanley-backed corporate consortium for 75 years.  But did you know about the Privatization Transparency and Accountability Ordinance (PTAO), a comprehensive reform ordinance before the city council that would make sure schemes like this never happen again?

Chicago Video Screenshot

Please click here to watch ITPI’s new video to learn why taxpayers, faith leaders, small business owners and labor advocates are supporting the PTAO’s passage.

The PTAO currently has majority support in the Chicago City Council, but has yet to receive an up or down vote.  This important ordinance would set parameters to protect taxpayers in future outsourcing deals, which are explained in an op-ed I penned this month for Crain’s Chicago.

ITPI hopes our video adds to the growing chorus of local voices and creative grassroots actions calling for swift passage of reforms that ensure taxpayers remain in control of their public services.

I encourage you to share the video and ask that you urge friends and family in Chicago to contact their aldermen in support of reform. 

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