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Videos from right-wing site that preaches “the left ruins everything” assigned in Ohio school. An Ohio public school has been assigning videos from the right-wing PragerU for class. Turns out, as Rebecca Klein reports, PragerU—which is funded by right-wing billionaires, including the fracking moguls Dan and Farris Wilks—is amid a new push to get into K12 schools. HuffPost

Is a private equity firm coming for your public school? Despite a tough battle by activists warning about the higher costs and risks associated with public-private partnerships, the Prince George’s County Council voted Thursday to advance a plan to build six schools using private financing. The council—as well as the local school board—will vote again this week. The Washington Post

For an in-depth explanation for why public-private partnerships for school construction are dangerous, In the Public Interest took part in a webinar last week, which you can watch here.

Where does Oklahoma go from here? Oklahoma education policy leaders are discussing what to do after the State Auditor and Inspector’s scathing report on Epic Charter Schools, which, among other things, paid the school co-founder’s for-profit management company nearly $80 million but blocked the state auditor from seeing how those public dollars were spent. Tulsa World

The future of edtech according to venture capitalists. The venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (known as “a16z”) explores six ways post-COVID edtech will differ from the past, including parents “cutting through red tape” and teachers as free agents. a16z

Tweet of the week. Jon Hale, associate professor at the College of Education at Illinois, tweeted: “In the intensified struggle for equitable funding and opportunity through traditional public schools, I’m grateful for several new, outstanding books to strengthen our defense by @ksbaumg, @DerekWBlack, @EddieRCole, @Edu_Historian & @BisforBerkshire, read up, comrades!” Retweet this.


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