Last year, In the Public Interest released a report that highlighted the harmful way our tax dollars are fueling income inequality. Every time a city or state outsources a public service to a low-wage contractor, the community loses. Taxpayers have to make up the difference in the form of nutrition assistance, healthcare coverage, and other programs designed to help people working for minimum wage and living in poverty. The report included examples from across the country, including public servants in Costa Mesa and Fresno, CA, who either lost their jobs to – or were at risk of being replaced by – low-wage contractors.

California is the most populated state in the country, is the 8th largest economy in the world, and has one of the highest levels of income inequality. So our friends at Capital and Main, a bold new investigative outlet in California, have launched an ambitious – and beautiful – new month-long web series drawing attention to the vast wealth divide in the Golden State. The series, “State of Inequality” includes videos, podcasts, infographics, and incredibly smart analysis from experts and activists across California.  To get started, watch this video from former Labor Secretary (and proud Californian) Robert Reich introducing the series and explaining the problem in a way only Reich can.

You should follow the four-week investigation into the impacts, causes & solutions of income inequality in California at their website and be sure to follow along on Twitter, @CapitolandMain’s#StateofInequality

Irresponsible contracting is just one of the many causes of the widening wealth gap in California and other modern economies. Capital and Main’s series will help ensure that California is a leader in creating an economy that works for everyone.  

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