Are you a policymaker looking for ways to govern in the public interest?

Does your organization want to learn about what to look out for in your city or state?

Does your union have staff and members who would benefit from learning how to stop bad privatization deals?

In the Public Interest is launching a new offering of online trainings and teaching sessions, including:

  • How to prevent the privatization of public goods
  • The 40-year war on democracy… and the long game for the common good
  • What’s the deal with charter schools and private school vouchers?
  • How privatization increases inequality and furthers systemic racism
  • Understanding infrastructure financingand public-private partnerships

These aren’t just webinars. They’re interactive teaching sessions providing knowledge and tools to make change. They can be customized to the needs of your staff or members. 

And they’re free of charge. Because educating you is what we do.

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