One thing we believe in deeply here at In the Public Interest is the dire need for more public dollars invested in things that improve everyone’s lives—things like public health, great schools, clean water, safe food, and more.

The only way to solve our many crises—from increasing economic inequality and political polarization to the pandemic and climate change—is more public investment in public goods.

Fortunately, we have recent evidence to prove our point.

The U.S. Treasury just released data measuring the impact of the American Rescue Plan Act, passed by Congress in March of last year. Get a load of what our government has been doing lately:

Take a moment to look up how your local and state governments are using American Rescue Plan money. Open the Treasury’s dashboard, click on “Projects by Recipient,” and filter by “State/Territory.”

I’ll end with the words of our research and policy director Shar Habibi, who wrote this back in October in an op-ed published by the Progressive magazine, the Mercury News, and other publications:

“This [spending] counters a common attitude that the government is incompetent and that government programs make us less free. Certainly, things like corruption and over-policing can happen when public institutions are captured by the powerful few. But the last few years have shown what is possible when we make government work for us.”

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Photo by Senate Democrats.

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