Cashing in on Kids is In the Public Interest‘s pick of recent news about the privatization of public education.

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San Diego charter school in “meltdown mode.” The San Diego Cooperative Charter School is teetering on the edge of closure after leadership turmoil and reports of persistent safety concerns led families to unenroll their children in droves since the end of last school year. The San Diego Unified School District is considering turning it into a “pilot school,” which would requirement an agreement between the district, the teachers union, and parents. Voice of San Diego

Pro-charter spending on AB 1505 was $900,000. In the recent legislative battle over AB 1505, which will give local school communities more say in the opening of new charter schools, pro-charter school groups spent about $900,000 on lobbying. Los Angeles Times

Trouble at Montgomery’s first charter school. The administration at Montgomery, Alabama’s first charter school tried to prevent students with learning disabilities from enrolling. Its board president and another board member controlled a private bank account. Teachers and other employees at the school haven’t been paid money they were promised. Those are just some of the allegations made in a fraud and breach of contract lawsuit filed last week by former principal. Alabama Political Reporter

D.C. charter school chain faces off against neighborhood. A charter school chain is trying to open a middle school Washington, D.C.’s Ward 8 and has enraged nearby residents in the process. “It’s the latest example of how the District’s lack of comprehensive planning for where to build new schools can create disarray.” Washington City Paper

Chicago charter school more than a half millions dollars in the red. An East Chicago charter school is being questioned about its long-term financial viability after a damning state audit. NWI Times

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